Wild Horses

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

I hope this finds you well and thriving.

Often I write about the yoga of life, and that it’s the practice of learning to live full on.

Learning to navigate the ebb and flow of what’s being presented to you daily is also essential to living your legacy.

💧I’m reminded of this as I sit at the river’s edge watching the water spill down through the canyon smoothing out the river rocks.

🌊And yet, with just a slight turn of the head, I listen to the rush of the river as it crashes over the boulders.

Life right – smooth and easy like Sunday morning. At the same time, the lucky is sucky!

🚍That was our kind of week here at the Bodeman RV abode.

🤯While from the outside it appears as though we’re living the dream, and in some ways we are. I can truthfully tell you that we also experience a few nightmares.

Can you relate?

Nothing is perfect. And the realization that it’s not supposed to be, well is dang freeing. Even while challenging.

🏋️‍️However, when you do the work, when you stay committed to your practices, be it journaling, meditation, contemplation, prayer, yoga, walking, hiking, art, dance, therapy, coaching – whatever it is for you – you stay open to, and for, Grace to enter.

You don’t grasp. You lean back into the mystery and instead of closing off in self-protection you invite your tender heart to remain open.

Then, when you least expect it, boom, something magical appears.

Gratefully, that also happened to us this week.

🐎Wild horses have been visiting our campsite each day!

🐎From three at a time to seven, these stunning creatures saunter through the RV park, grazing on the green grass and quenching their thirst in the cool river water.

🐎Plus, they’re not afraid of people. Although through snorts, neighing and a little pawing of their feet they let you know when you’ve come too close. Let’s say they’re a great lesson in boundary setting!

What’s equally inspiring, is the awe you share with your neighbors. As little children to adults stream out of their campsites to observe, you feel an unmistakable thrill rippling through each heart connecting us all.

Whether conscious or not, each of us innately knows that something greater than us is at play.

Feeling into the power, majesty and grace of these gorgeous animals soothes the soul and revives the spirit.

Just as Caroline Myss states, “the handiwork of heaven” is on full display when you are open to receive.

So, my friend, I urge you to continue to do your inner work in order to welcome in the magic.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

“What’s magical, sometimes, has deeper roots than reason.”
Mary Oliver, 
Blue Horses

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