Yes, you can let go of the ghost of the past and realize a new dream!

Many of you have heard me tell my personal tsunami story and how it nearly wiped me out. You’ve listened to me share my strategies and tips on how I overcame the pain and have gone on to live a life I cherish.

However, you might not know that I once dreamed of attending college and becoming a 3rd grade teacher, but graduated from barber school instead.

Or, that my maternal grandmother left her beloved Italy at the age of 18. Arriving in New York alone where she made it through the challenge that was Ellis Island. My grandmother then traveled to Chicago where she married my grandfather as had been arranged.

What we come into the world with generationally and culturally, what is in our DNA and threaded throughout the fabric of our being, all impacts and influences who we are in the world, and the choices we make in life.

It’s important to remember that we are doing the best we can in any given moment. Yet, we might  look back and see the patterns, understand the links, and recognize where and when we chose to make a shift and break through the barriers that had long been holding us back.

At some place along the way in our life’s journey there is a tipping point moment. That instant…when you get on a very deep level that everything you think you know is now up for question.

It’s scary and exhilarating! It’s your moment of truth. It’s your moment of choice.

How has your culture, upbringing, beliefs, impacted and influenced your life?
Comment below!

With Love,

P.S. Yep, that’s me in my Grandma’s arms. With my Grandpa, brother and cousins.

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