Freedom or Fear?

Ciao Amica Mia,

I had no idea when I started teaching and coaching the philosophy of what it means to be a Breakaway Girl and how to live your legacy every day, that we’d be here – pandemic living.

In the last months of my mother’s life she’d look at me with a sadness reflected in eyes that were usually filled with joy. She’d shake her head and sigh, “the world has turned upside down, Paulette.” And indeed, it has. My mom was tuned in to what was coming our way. The world as we knew it has toppled.

While we can never really be prepared for such a monumental disruption, in an odd way I feel as those it’s what I have been preparing for. Since the day I stepped onto my yoga mat and meditation cushion with a deep sense of commitment, my inner knowing was building my reserves on all levels of my being.

My journey through sex, drugs and rock and roll was definitely a misguided attempt to assuage the deep yearning to break away from the fear that often crippled me. And a longing to free my spirit and connect to something more than my limited ego-based desires.

What I find so profound about this pandemic virus is that it knows no bias. It sees no race or gender, or status and wealth. Covid-19 literally leveled the playing field.

What I find so baffling about this crisis is the witnessing of mostly good humans behaving in bizarre ways.

Recently, ABC news stated, “virus fears spike gun and ammo sales”. And many are first-time gun buyers. I absolutely understand the fear of the downturn of the economy. However, what I don’t understand is the purchase of weapons when the world is already in such a heightened state of vigilance – that certainly can shift into vigilantism in a matter of minutes.

We need to get a handle on ourselves. And those of us on a spiritual path are being called to up the ante. We must be more aware of our thoughts, emotions and actions. We are what the world needs right now.

I’m not saying every minute of every day you’ll be living from your legacy self. However, I am saying why not practice living as though you were? Why not practice behaving as the future self you strive to be?

The thing is, we can continue to live in fear, or we can learn to live in freedom. Whether we’re sheltering-up or not.

In the yoga world, that boundless freedom I was seeking in my druggie years, is in fact what each of us is seeking. That freedom of spirit is called Svatantrya.

Svatantrya means boundless freedom, unlimited freedom. It’s a quality of divine auspiciousness that resides inside you. A place so expansive, so vast and so untouchable that no matter what the outer circumstances of your life may look like you can rest in the knowing that you are free. Unencumbered by life’s challenges. 

It may not always be easy to access, but trust me, with intentional practice a portal will open where you can rest in the space of liberation.

First though, you must be a committed seeker of truth and love. And you must be willing to do the work.

It’s not a difficult job. But it does require dedication.

So, if you want to stop living in fear and start living in a state of Svatantrya, then here’s a few tips how.

~Set aside a time either early in the morning or before bed to sit in stillness. Use a timer if that helps you to let go.

~Practice conscious breathing. Inhaling fully and noticing the natural pause before you exhale. Then exhale deeply, again with awareness of the pause at the end of the breath.

~If you’re feeling particularly anxious, focus more on the exhale and allow a little sound to flow from parted lips.

~Then invite whatever thoughts you’re having to simply surface. Do not try to stop or control them. Simply let the thoughts arise and be the curious witness.

~If a particular thought seems to be nagging and tugging at you, invite it in. ~Examine it more closely as if your thought was a diamond with many brilliant facets. Turn it around in the magnifier of your mind and ask yourself, “is this true? Do I really believe…?”

~Allow yourself to be with your thoughts and the emotions that attach to them instead of buffering or pushing them away.

~If it helps, jot down in a journal what you’re learning about yourself.

~Write down a brief mantra: “I am stronger than my fear.” “I am love.”

~Once you get into the flow and rhythm the practice becomes easier and much less scary.

~The practice becomes empowering and liberating.

As you grow and deepen your practices, not only does the portal of freedom open itself to you, you’re able to reside there more often and for longer periods of time.

I sincerely hope these strategies help you to navigate these unusual times with more freedom and less fear.

With love,

Xoxo Paulette

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