The Hill We Climb

Ciao Amica Mia:
Were you not just blown away by the performances that graced the Biden/Harris inauguration?
I can’t imagine, that even if you did not vote for the now President and Vice-President, your heart was not expanded by the extraordinary talent and gravitas you witnessed.
From Lady Gaga to Pastor Silvester Beaman, I watched and listened with every cell in my body. And my soul.
Over the past several years the arts have taken a hit in our country. Cutbacks in schools and live performances have suffered.
It’s unfortunate, as the arts inform and reflect the heart and soul of a nation and its people.
If fact, the arts are not a luxury for the elite. The arts are necessary for self-reflection and healing, as demonstrated by the beauty and brilliance of the young poet laureate, Amanda Gorman.

I believe that embracing and enhancing the value of the arts is especially vital at this time in our history.
Exposing all ages of people to some form of art builds resilience, improves mental health and gives stress a time out. Oh, the relief!
The arts also encourage confidence, compassion and creativity. And don’t we all need a little more of the 3 C’s.
Each of us probably enjoyed, and was touched more in some way, by one of the performances we witnessed at the Presidential inauguration.
Many of us were struck with awe by the recitation of Amanda Gorman and her stunning original poem, “The Hill We Climb.”
The grace and sophistication exhibited in one so young is proof how growing up with the foundation of the arts builds character, confidence and vision.
You may not be aware that Miss Gorman suffers from the same speech impediment that President Biden does, that of stuttering.
To learn that about her, after watching Miss Gorman stand strong and proud in front of many dignitaries and millions of people watching world-wide and virtually, seems incomprehensible.
Yet, there she brilliantly stood, a representation of what our youth, and all people, must strive to be …The LIGHT.🌟
I ask you to consider these 3 questions:
            ❓In what ways do the arts expand your world view?
            ❓In what ways might you bring more art into your life?
            ❓In what ways will you shine more brilliantly?

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

P.S. If you haven’t seen her recitation, or want to watch it again and again, here’s easy access.

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