My Birthday

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

Do you believe that December is halfway behind us❓❗️

I remember my mom exclaiming, “the older I get the faster the year flies by.” And here I am right there feeling exactly as she did.

Not to mention when I look into the mirror and see life’s experience playing out across my face. Isn’t that a delicate way of saying, “wow another wrinkle!”

🎂I’m especially attuned to the swiftness of time passing as this is my birthday month. Yep, since I was a little girl, my family granted me the privilege of claiming the entire month of December as mine.

🎄Especially my mom and dad. Because I was born on Christmas Eve, they never wanted me to feel that my birthday wasn’t special. It worked because I always thought it quite amazing.

🇮🇹The story goes, that after helping my grandmother prepare a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner of “seven fishes”, along with trays of cookies and biscotti, just as they sat down to say the blessing my mom knew it was time to leave for the hospital.

At 10:30pm exactly and weighing in at a whopping 6lbs, I entered. Born at a Catholic hospital, the nuns told my folks that in all their years of ministry they never saw a new-born come into the world so hungry.

🇮🇹I’m convinced it was inhaling the aroma of freshly baked bread, delicate white fish simmering in oregano herbed tomato sauce, baked clams crusted with Parmigiano cheese, calamari fried in Extra Virgin Italian Olive Oil, and of course linguini and clams, just to name a few.

How could I arrive on Planet Earth not craving such dizzying fare? I still enjoy eating the traditional dishes, while the flavors bring me right back home to the heart.

💗The holidays aren’t the same with so many of my loved ones gone. Yet, their spirits live on in the traditions I continue.

It’s a different time of course, but when I’m needing to feel their presence, I often return to those familial celebrations in my mind, body and spirit.

As you know legacy is important to me. Teaching and coaching you to live your legacy every day is important to me.

Why? Because it keeps alive the essence of our dear ones. And by living a life of meaning and value, we honor them.

🕉The legacy journey I’m passionate that you embark on, is also linked to what’s called lineage in the yoga world. The idea to remember those who came before you, who deserve your honoring for helping to sculpt who you are, is not new.

🕉I remember one of my mentors repeatedly urging us teachers to honor the lineage that we came from. To teach in a way that our ancestral line would be proud of. Those words are forever imprinted on my heart.

🕉While I know for a fact that I’ve fumbled often, the legacy and lineage model is a foundational principle of my personal and professional life. All we can ever do is put forth our best effort. And then stay open to learning and growing.

🕉My teacher also once taught that in the Indian Yoga tradition, on one’s birthday, it’s customary to give others a gift.

I’ve been holding my loved ones close, especially at this time of year, and the teachings of my lineage, so remember for my birthday month, that “The Roadmap to Legacy:”, Virtual Online Course is on sale for $57 until midnight December 24, 2021.

Thank you for those of you who have taken advantage of this savings.

Thank you all for being a loyal and supportive member of the Breakaway community.

May you be held in light, love, and legacy.

💖With so much love and gratitude, xoxo Paulette

“The Roadmap to Legacy:”, Virtual Online Course is on sale for $57 until midnight December 24, 2021:

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