So, what do you do?

Ciao Amica Mia,

Recently, while out and about, I had three people in one day ask me, “so what do you do?” The funny thing is after 25 years of teaching, I still found myself pausing with the thought flashing through my mind…“what do I do?”

One reason for the pause, thankfully, is what I “do’” is study, grow, stumble, take a risk, fall down, get up, learn, love, seek, create, evolve, breakaway, breakthrough and shift into more of me.

Along with my personal voyage of embarking upon new waters and learning how to pilot, so too have my professional aspirations expanded.

Ever since I was a little girl in the third grade, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to be a teacher. However, I squashed my dream of attending university and got married instead. I can still hear my mother and father’s voices in my head, “you’re too damn young to get married! What about college?”

Post-divorce and a new marriage later, I began my under-graduate studies. My ever-searching heart led me to the realm of psychology instead of the teaching field. The plan was to continue my studies and earn a master’s degree and begin a counseling practice.  

But during that time period I rediscovered yoga. Which, if you haven’t read my book, literally saved my life.

Yoga is so multi-layered. It’s a grand invitation to broaden your point of observation. It’s also a call to draw your attention inward and search the depths of the landscape within through self-study, meditation, contemplation, pranayama and of course what so many of us enjoy, asana.

One of the many gifts that I found on this breakaway quest of mine were the pieces and parts of me that I’d forgotten, ignored or buried.

Along the way on my breakaway journey I also discovered coaching. Coaching helped me to recognize the pieces and parts that I wanted to reclaim. And those that I consciously chose to let go of. Coaching helped me to flourish.

There’s a teaching in tantric yoga that suggests we are all mirrors for one another. And that in right relationship we help each other see the truth. The truth of who we are as humans walking this planet with all of our foibles. And simultaneously, we as fractal humans, are all seeking remembrance of our divine essence.

A skilled compassionate coach helps you get to the core of those truths by providing a safe environment. It’s a collaboration that encourages curiosity and conversation while seeking commitment and clarity. When a coach creates a secure space of exploration, the client is able to open to new perspectives and possibilities beyond the immediate concern. 

You might be wondering what this has to do with the question, “so what do you do?” I’d have to say everything!

I teach yoga, in its brilliant complexity, because the young third grader in me still believes in the value of learning. I coach because the adult in me believes in the value of maximizing one’s personal and professional potential.

I’ve realized that what I “do” is help others to breakaway from the B.S. limiters that keep them stuck in the muck of the story. So that they can take authorship of their life and learn to be a living legacy.

With love and appreciation for letting me share my thoughts and ideas. I hope something in my story inspires you because the world needs every single one of us to be our best.

I know my insight has inspired me! As a result, and after several inquiries, I’m opening up my private coaching schedule to three motivated clients. Are you one of them? Are you ready to take the helm?

I look forward to co-creating with you something truly transformational.

Cheers to your breakaways!

Xoxo, Paulette


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