“Let go of the death grip.”

Ciao and Sacred Sunday:

The other day, in talking with a client, I suggested she might “try and let go of the death grip you have on it.”

Now in this situation I meant it physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Believe me, I so understood where my client was coming from.

❓How many times have you wanted something so badly that you choke the life out of your desire

❓How many times does your self-worth feel so shaky that you contract, pull in tight and pinch yourself off

❓How many times has your confidence so waivered that you second guess yourself to the point you forget to breathe

💯Yep, you’ve got the death grip going on.

I’m remembering years ago, on a lovely summer’s day, my husband and I took a gondola ride up the mountain where in winter the slopes would be dotted with badass skiers.

The ride was a challenge to myself, an attempt to symbolically see a difficult issue from a higher perspective.

And, to face my fear of heights.

😩As the chairlift climbed upward my heart felt as though it was beating out of my chest. My hands gripped so tightly my knuckles turned white.

Squeezing my eyes shut I chanted, “open to Grace and breath, open to Grace and breath, open to Grace and breath.”

❗️Nearing the top of the mountain I peeked through the lace of my eyelashes, opened and closed my hands, turned to my husband, grabbed his hand, and shouted, “I did it”.

When you feel the death grip coming on. When your heart clamps shut and your mind feels like exploding, it’s so easy to forget that Grace is one ask away.

The truth is…

💘Grace is always available to you and me.

Yet, we get so bogged down with the vicissitudes of life that we don’t trust it.

💘Grace is poised and ready to help you untie the knots that bind you to fear.

Yet, you and I become more comfortable with our fear because we know it.

💘Grace is limitless and free.

Yet, you may need help remembering to ask for it.

When you open to Grace you loosen the death grip and instead say yes to life.

Opening to Grace invites in a deeper self-inquiry at the same time it takes you out of narrow-minded thinking.

When you open to Grace you take a gondola ride to the top of the mountain and become brand new.

🎼Think of the actress, Julie Andrews, in the opening scene of The Sound of Music.

During this time of both suffering round the world and renewal I invite you to join me in opening to Grace.

The world needs each of us to show up fully and receive the possibilities that Grace offers.

My friend, it’s time to pause, breathe and ask.

💖With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

P.S. I’ve opened my schedule for a limited few clients, so please contact me if you know it’s your time to open to Grace but need that extra loving support.

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