Sacred Sunday and, “The Wei of Chocolate”

Ciao Amica Mia,

Don’t you love the sound and manner in which these words roll off your tongue? The “Wei of Chocolate.”
Just wait until you taste them!
The “Wei of Chocolate” is the name of a company that creates delicious, fragrant, beautiful and healthy chocolates. Yes, I did say healthy. Studies show that chocolate made with the highest quality ingredients can have beneficial effects on your overall well-being.
The story behind the company’s founder, Lisa Reinhardt, is fascinating. As a young woman, Lisa, followed the call of her heart and chose to leave the comforts of home to live in the Himalayas for eleven years. She was intrigued and drawn to study with the great masters of meditation.
I’d say Lisa is a remarkable Breakaway Girl!
Lisa lived in a monastery, and even in a cave for a while, where she studied and practiced the art and science of meditation.
As a lover of chocolate and meditation myself, I found Lisa’s story compelling. How in the world did she go from living in Asia to running an online business selling high-grade chocolates?
Well, upon returning to the United States, Lisa was overwhelmed with what had transpired over the years in the food industry. After mostly eating from the land while living in a small village, Lisa was taken aback when walking the aisles of the grocery store. She was shocked at the pre-packaged goods being sold as healthy food items and the ingredients she observed listed on the back of chocolate packaging. Many of the names she couldn’t even pronounce.
At the same time, Lisa was passionate to share what she learned about the benefits of meditation, only to be shut down. She was a bit ahead of her time.
To hear her tell the story, no one was interested in meditation as they were too busy, their minds were too busy, and well, you know the drill.
So, after a time Lisa put her two passions together. She remembers thinking that no one ever says they don’t have enough time to eat a piece of chocolate. Her ingenuity kicked in and research began.
In summary, Lisa creates pure, vegan, dairy, soy, gluten, GMO free, fair trade healthy dark chocolates!
Lisa found her solution. You pop a lotus shaped chocolate into your mouth, without chewing, allowing the chocolate to rest and melt on its own while you enjoy the present moment. For two whole sensual, luxurious, meditative minutes. Just you, the chocolate and the experience.
Seriously OM-AZING!
I appreciate Lisa’s success story for many reasons. As a lover of chocolate of course! As a dedicated meditation practitioner and teacher for over 25 years, I think it’s brilliant. And, as a woman, I applaud her courage, her passion and her vision. Plus, her deep compassion.
Not too long ago, Lisa left her home in Arizona to move to Florida in order to be near her elderly parents. Not knowing when and if she’ll return, Lisa continues to run her business and help care for her mom and dad. You know how that touches my heart.
To me, Lisa is not only an inspiration, but a true example of what it means to be living her legacy every day.
With the holidays here, you might want to delight a friend or family member with a gift of the “Wei of Chocolate”.
I’m happy to be an affiliate of the “Wei of Chocolate” as I support the founder’s mission. And I’m in love with the chocolates. Enjoy.

Xoxo, Paulette

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