Sacred Sunday – “Presence”

Ciao Amica Mia,

As we find ourselves drawn into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, rushing around seeking out the perfect gift, we might need to be reminded that the most valuable gift you give another is the gift of presence.
This year as I teach, coach and engage in conversation with friends, I hear a common theme. YOU are tired. Tired of heavy traffic. Tired of bad air quality. Tired of struggling with finances. Tired of arguing over differing political views with family members…
And, you know what? That’s actually not all bad. Why, because as a result of weariness a re-evaluation is taking place. We’re asking deeper questions of ourselves. And of one other.
Like, what’s really important?  Purchasing an updated version of Alexa? A new LG 65” flat-screen smart TV? The I-phone your teenager professes she desperately needs?
Or enjoying a velvety glass of Pinot Noir with a beloved? Perhaps sipping tea with an elder? Calling a dear friend that lives across country?
What’s really important? I believe it’s taking precious time to speak and listen to each other’s stories of love and living. Of heartache and heart openings. Of lessons learned and more to discover.
In taking a step back from the lure of what social media and marketing defines for us we take a step forward into authenticity.
On this Sacred Sunday I invite you to deliberately pause, set aside some time to assess and ask yourself these questions:

  • “Who is my spirit needing to connect with?”
  • “Where is my heart calling me to invest my time, energy and finances?”
  • “What was a significant Breakaway moment for me this year?”
  • “What might I still need to Breakaway from in order to make 2020 a legacy year?”

Then LISTEN. The truth is, your guidance is always speaking to you. The question is, are you pausing long enough to hear the wisdom of your Legacy self?
Xoxo, Paulette

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