This Might Not Resonate…

Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:
This might not resonate with you. But it’s been on my mind, so I have to share it.
I don’t believe that your inner critic is always the bad guy.
In fact, I think your inner critic gets a bad rap.
Instead, I believe if you learn to decipher and listen to what the voices in your head are spouting, you just might find something valuable.
See, when you train your brain to listen deeply, beyond the chatter, you’ll begin to hear a message that sounds more like the voice of your higher self. Your brilliant and legacy self.
Try thinking of it as if you were an archeologist on a dig. Imagine patiently sifting through the dirt in order to find the buried treasure.
Not everyone will agree with me, but that’s one reason I believe that your inner critic has bestie potential.
Recently a student shared with me that when he was growing up, he thought they were poor. His folks were raised in the depression era, so they carried over quite a bit of fear around money in their adult life. Totally understandable right?!
Here’s the rub, thinking he was poor, my client felt “lesser than.” As if he wasn’t worthy of desiring and having more.
In response, he attempted to overcome feelings of lack by pushing away his limiting beliefs and was driven to succeed financially.
He told me as long as he can remember, he’s had competing voices in his head. Can you relate?
The voices alternated between…
“I hate being poor. No one likes me because they know I have to share a room with my little brother. They think I’m a dork because my mom works in the school cafeteria
I’m never going to be poor. I’m going to make so much money I can buy my own plane.”
And then, the quieter voice that’s often hard to hear, maybe because we really don’t want to…
“Um, are you sure buying that million-dollar home on the side of a mountain, with a baby on the way, make sense right now?”
The thing is, we all have competing voices creating a rumble in our minds.
There are so many reasons why…
🧠 Carry over from our primitive brain
‍ ‍ ‍ Family of origin and ancestral wounds
Our own personalities
🏼 The karma or tapes we came into the world with
Societal and cultural influences, etc.
The good news is, once you become aware and begin to pay attention to your thoughts and the things you say to yourself on the daily, you can befriend the voices.
Lovingly and compassionately pausing long enough to listen to the habitual tapes playing in your head is the first step.
Then, sifting through the rubble to see if maybe, just maybe, therein lies a golden nugget.
Unfortunately, my student ignored the guidance of his inner voice and, to prove a point to his ego, went ahead and purchased the mega-buck’s house. Which then sent him on a downward spiral of frustration, self-doubt and debt.
The silver lining of it all, is that the experience hurt so bad, my client was finally ready to receive coaching and began to stop, listen and open up an inner dialogue with the rowdy neighbors in his head.
What he found was that while he didn’t want to hang out with most of them, one of the voices became his new best friend.

With so much love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette
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