Part Two

“Hope rises. It is lighter than your lightest ideas. Just when you believe Hope has died, Hope rises again.” Jaiya John, Fragrance After Rain
Ciao and Sacred Sunday to you:

Thank you to all who reached out regarding last week’s SS message on Hope. Apparently, it struck a chord.

While these uncertain times can cause anxiety and feelings of sadness and confusion. At the same time, we’re being asked to live in the paradox and remain steadfast in our essential nature.
️To stand tall in the Light.
Hence, part two of musings on Hope.
What struck me from what I heard this past week, was how hungry we all are for understanding hope, developing hope and the strong desire to live from a hopeful place inside ourselves.
It appears I’m not alone in the need to explore hope. After reading your texts and emails, along with several phone conversations, I understand even more deeply how hope weaves through your thoughts and imprints your hearts.
Somedays it feels easy, like a lazy Sunday morning, to feel hope. Whether you’re pondering the bigger picture of the state of the world or your current life circumstance.
And in a hot minute, your practice of developing hope can feel as if you’re climbing Mt. Everest where each foothold feels less stable – each breath shallower.
The thing to remember, as I shared last week, is that hope is built into your DNA. It’s written in your human contract. 
Hope is the invisible hand that reaches out and pulls you up to safety where you can rest and regain your equilibrium.
As I dialogued and listened this week, I heard that hope is a spectrum depending on what you’re dealing with in the moment.
When you’re going about your life, and it’s pretty darn good, you feel light, optimistic, and hopeful.
However, when you’re in a place where life majorly sucks, or a specific situation is grueling and challenging, hope can seem far beyond your reach.
But it isn’t!
That’s why I want to share with you five Breakaway strategies to help you practice and learn the rigor of hope.
Take baby steps to strengthen your hope muscle.
Consider something you desire, a small goal; then plan a daily action step to move towards it. Acknowledge the little successes that shine the light of hopefulness on your aspiration.
‍Practice yoga.
And not just on the mat. Be flexible in your mind and heart. Ask your Legacy Self, what am I not seeing, hearing, sensing, doing that might shift my perspective? Expand my vision?
Remember the adage, “this too shall pass”.
It’s been around for a long time because there’s truth to it. Nothing is permanent. Not you, not me, nor the struggle.
Call in Saraswati, the goddess of Divine flow.
She will lead you away from troubled waters to the shores of possibility. All you need do is surrender your death-grip on the oars and invite her to guide you.
‍Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, coach, spiritual advisor.
They will remind you that you’re not alone. That you’ve been here before and made it through the darkness back into the light of dawn.
As in all disciplines, to get better at it, more skilled, you need to practice.  I urge you to continue the hope challenge.
Why? Because the world needs a massive outpouring of Love, Hope and Grace.

With love and appreciation, xoxo Paulette

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