Don’t Run Away

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Dear Friends, Fall has arrived in Arizona! Just when I was ready to pack up the RV and once again run from the heat the heavens opened up, drenched us with cleansing waters and brought … Read More

Love, Loss and Legacy <3

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I imagine that many of you already know that on May 30th my 90-year-old mother passed away. I’ve written a few posts expressing my overwhelming feelings of grief and grand loss. My mother was an … Read More

My New Years Camping Story

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For those of you who might remember, I didn’t come to RVing or “glamping,” with grace. I arrived kicking and screaming. While growing up, my folks purchased a speed boat and we kids enjoyed water … Read More

Beauty. Blessings. And Bullshit.

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It’s been six weeks since our little band of mystic heart pilgrims and I were surrounded by the beauty and blessings that is Bali. I close my eyes and return to the lush green rice … Read More